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BAND OF THE DAY - 9th May 2007
Bee Stings are an electro-rock unit fronted by a she-beast named after a Norse deity. Think Abba meets/greets/eats the Prodigy, then have a lie down because that's one almighty collision of opposites. But it's true: Pressure Running Away is equal parts Money Money Money and Smack My Bitch Up. It's official. Modern-day rock bands are nuts.

HECKLERSPRAY Life by Misadventure album review (original article here)

Life By Misadventure is a sumptuous record that inexplicably manages to sound flawlessly pristine and utterly filthy all at once... It's a dense, extraordinary record that's as polished and slick as any mass market pop music you've ever heard, but it still manages to retain enough character to warrant repeated listens.

SUBBA CULTCHA Life by Misadventure album review (original article here)

Super cigarette electro super sex pop heaven to dirty up your mind and leave your lips swollen.

Quite simply it's an album that defies explanation. Instead it's best absorbed at full volume letting tracks such as You Got My Number lull you with their Eel-esque keyboard breaks before pummelling your hips with a Van Halen guitar freakout. Other tracks such as Manatee, Most and Misadventure ensure that this is a fully realised classic debut. Bee Stings have created a scintillating album that manages to distill all its parts into a single ravishing whole that will seduce and corrupt you at any hour of the day. One listen will leave you feeling deliciously filthy - but once is never enough.


TOP 10 TRACKS OUT NOW: Bee Stings - Pressure (Running Away)
Eye-crossingly strange, lady-fronted pop shoutiness. Basic formula: Basement Jaxx + Republica x Moloko to the power of Girls Aloud.

HYBRIDLAB (original article here) (and another one here)

Two years building up to this glorious moment and…what a show it was. Leading lady Val bristled with sophistication on stage in her red and black corset and skirt and neat little black ballet pumps. Queen V, her voice glistening like tortured honey, captivates. As the drums thump to tune ‘running away’ the electric kinkiness begins... The band is hot with energy. In one saucy moment, Val’s doctor smocked side-kicks on guitar and keyboard smoothly stripped down to their tuxedos as the drums rolled on...


Bee Stings have been tickling our ears recently with their new single Pressure (Running Away). It's an interesting mix of polished pop, indie guitars and electronic beats that joins the dots between the band's big influences Blondie and Basement Jaxx.


Emerging from their respective backgrounds of 80s hair metal, cross-dressing, channeling dead rockers and er Suffolk... Bee Stings celebrate their unique sound with a debut album. They bounce off every genre to create what they call maximalist pop music. And maximalist is certainly something they adhere to; Pressure (Running Away) includes 12 performers, 64 tracks of audio and was recorded in 3 studios and a church. In an increasingly familiar music industry, Bee Stings are anything but ordinary.


Since their live debut at London's Water Rats in 2003, Bee Stings have been freaking out the musical world, channeling Jimi Hendrix via ouija board and having a hair metal refugee amongst their midst. Somehow they evoke Basement Jaxx and Blondie at the same time, and manage to seduce the listener with glitter and vox. Yes, this is good. This is very good.


Bee Stings are making an impressive statement of intent, the sound of a band with the confidence and attitude to succeed. PRESSURE (RUNNING AWAY) is an orchestral pop nugget that links the gaps between No Doubt, Goldfrapp and The Prodigy, the vicious guitar stabs and frenetic beats colliding on the explosive choruses. MISADVENTURE blends a techno backdrop to summery indie-pop melodicism; frontwoman Valkyrie coming on like a sublime mixture of Alison Goldfrapp and Juliana Hatfield, you sense a real star in the making here... A thrilling and infectious sounding glimpse of a band ready to take on the world.

TASTY FANZINE (original article here)

The band are a blizzard of tamed chaos: Their singer, Valkyrie, contains a power supply designed for a person four times her size; Attila the drummer (his real name) is like an anti-tank battery with cymbals, and both guitarist and bassist are equally happy on some phat keyboards. They also feature a fairly spectacular video setup along with the sound. They screeched into action with Pressure Tank, which starts deceptively pretty and then blows your hair around. This is a characteristic shared by many of their songs – lovely intricate constructions which explode and take your eyebrows off at the moment you least expect.

VIRTUAL FESTIVALS (original article and video clip here)

Fun, fun fun! Here’s to bands who are good enough to not have to take life too seriously. Trashy videos and suspect fashion sense aside, Bee Stings’ beautifully produced exuberant soundclash is a sound for sore ears as much as Valkyrie (aka Bee Rock) is a sight for sore eyes.

SUBBA CULTCHA (original article here)

Imagine If Luscious Jackson decided that instead of making nuggets of disco pop genius they’d make hard hitting slabs of Beastie Boys infused epic-ness and those wonderful but fleetingly intensities that Catatonia, Sleeper, and Echobelly touched upon during their brief careers… These are all words really, you need something stronger to prove my point, these guys rock, so just check out the site!

ORGAN: DEMO OF THE WEEK (original article here)

This is cool cool cool, this indeed the ultimate solution for angry teenager, pissed off pensioners, dissatisfied housewives and confused waitresses… Ninja alien hop hop, low slung beats and cool cool cooler than cool punk rock attitude… it is impossible not to dance around the room and wave your arms around like an idiot as those keyboards squelch and those beets glide in low enough to avoid the radar. Cool lo-fi hi-fi smooth hip hop with bite and bounce and sting and not one single inch of fake Americana… classy girl voiced hip hop from Hackney. Classy, gliding, grinding, messy but never ever lo-fi messy - this is not fractured messy lo-fi bedroom creativity – it has that spirit but this is smooth and clear and produced just right…. Three tasty, sometimes breezy, hip-pop tracks. This rules. Organ is about opening doors, here’s one, go through, go check out Bee Stings……

Glasswerk (

Their frontwoman, Valkyrie, is achingly alluring and moves around very nicely indeed. On guitar is the impossibly well named BB Stings, who wore a Mr Bean type gurning expression most of the night, but played well. The whole band come across as very finely tuned, and diverse in what they do, too. There are synth backdrops, odd squelchy bits and in the midst of it all some upright, memorable songs.

G3 Magazine

Bee Stings have established a solid fan base with their distinctive and lively brand of noisy electro-rock, with infectious bouts of rapping thrown in. Having recently played a storming set to an ecstatic crowd at Shoreditch's illustrious venue Cargo (where the stage was unexpectedly invaded by two breakdancing Ninjas) Bee Stings are busily getting ready for their next showcase gig at The Water Rats.




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