Bee Stings aim for the extraordinary, and achieve it through over-ambition and a refusal to put up with anything less than sublime, twisted perfection. If a track requires a brass quartet, a vintage 70s synthesiser or a veterinary surgeon then that’s what you will get.

Formed in 2003, the colliding tastes of pristine pop, experimental dance and dirty rock formed a unique maximalist pop music. Great songs are augmented but never obscured by sumptuous arrangements, bone-shaking beats and colourful production. Above this float the gorgeous vocals of Valkyrie who is able to coo like a dove or rage like a demon harlot as required.

Valkyrie and Ben met when the latter propositioned the former. She turned him down, but a musical relationship blossomed. They were joined by Will, an 80s hair metal refugee, and recently by Attila, an intense Hungarian drummer who once summoned Jimi Hendrix by ouiija board to move his kitchen table.

Bee Stings released their first single, Pressure (Running Away), in November 2006, and release their debut album Life by Misadventure on 4th June 2007.

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